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05 December, 2011


Right, I haven't posted on here in ages, so this is just to say that I've done a great deal of thinking and had all manner of relevant experiences since my earlier run of posting came to a halt. I wrote all sorts of interesting things on this blog, some of which I might not ascribe to now, some of which I might have phrased more thoughtfully or emphasized differently if I were to re-write them. Among many details, I think I would make an effort to be more humane and to use more broadly inclusive language. I would for sure pick different pseudonyms. I will not, however, be re-writing them, so -- O sailor of the information superhighway, because the superhighway obviously comprises some sort of canal network and sailing is self-evidently the optimal or best available transportation method -- please read them as landmarks in an ongoing development. Or, if you're sailing, I guess that makes them sea marks. Watermarks?

Now, on to other interesting things! I have three partners right now, in various stages of newness, closeness, and commitment, and only the newest lives within three thousand miles of me. So that's ... both the best and the worst things. I'll still be using pseudonyms because I'm not the only one whose life is on stage. After the last tutorial of the term (Protip: I'm a teaching assistant now), I had occasion to come out to a few of the students. I'd been wearing a little rainbow pin for a while, but the details hadn't come up until they asked where I'd be spending the holidays. That little question turned into a long conversation, and we even bumped into my newest partner (with whom things were not then official!) and invited her into the conversation. We talked about the recent fauxgressive British Columbia supreme court ruling validating an anti-group-marriage law, a ruling which explicitly negates the role of consent in the validity of interpersonal bonds and arrives at its conclusion through abysmal correlational reasoning over a deep foundation of reactionary, kneejerk-internalized values. ("Fauxgressive" is my favorite word today.) We talked about many things besides, and each of them thanked me, then or by email, for the conversation. One wrote that this sort of exchange, rather than lectures and memorization, is what universities are supposed to be about. I think she's right. Maybe that suggests the importance of having places like this blog for people to encounter and explore novel ideas. So, with that being said and with my having developed some practice where, before, I had little but theory, it seems like this might be a reasonable time to renew the Poly-Rhythms blog. Maybe I'll even get a proper site layout sometime.

No, who am I kidding? I don't have time to code. Anyway, watch this space for the resumption of broadcats.

Broadcats Will Resume Shortly


  1. Nicely written... I look forward to future ponderances :)

  2. Thanks! Coming from an eloquent person, that's a nice compliment. I just read your own reboot post at History of Sexuality ... sounds like we have an awful lot in common, oddly enough. (I'm basically only now feeling comfortable saying that I was a little girl who grew up to be a man, and I just wish they hadn't told me I was a boy that whole time! I appreciate your willingness to investigate how experiences shape gender, and how that's still legitimate, rather than simply writing that it all stems from variables set in stone by the time we're born and thereby implicitly devaluing those of us whose experience of gender has been shaped by the lives we've lived.) So, *genderqueer fist bump* rock that ambiguity, please keep speaking, and I'll be looking forward to what you have to say.