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18 January, 2012

Warming Up the Vacuum Tubes

While you're waiting for those broadcats to resume, have some light reading to keep you entertained.

What Do You Want? From the ever-impressive Holly Pervocracy, on how figuring out what you want is actually not simple. File under "communication".

Problematizing enthusiastic consent for a confusing world: with comments on the privileging of certain subcategories of nonverbal communication; with insightful but unfortunately sexist comments on the unfortunately gendered narratives of sex ed classes (welcome to "making a good point while missing the point").

On slurs, by a sharp-tongued, insightful and citational trans blogger. Protip: offense is orthogonal to why slurs are bad.

On fronting when one has a mental illness; on being "productive" and "rewarded for hiding" oneself.

"Rediscovering my childhood", from a survivor of sexual abuse: on Friendship is Magic and when the things we grew up with (or didn't) turn out to display the rules for living we wish we'd learned. (I could have written a similar post, without the sexual abuse, about Avatar: the Last Airbender.)

Oh, and just for kicks, more My Little Pony discussion regarding gender norms: in which Sir Ian McKellan does not have time for this shit. This one's just in case you forgot that queer activist attitudes and good ally attitudes are actually not that common.

Last: So that Homestuck thing, that's pretty queer, huh? (I don't see the genderqueer reading of Equius, but I do see the tension in that character and find it compelling.)

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