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06 March, 2012

Keep Talking

Via impromptuonedykedanceparty, over on the tumblrs:

Keir writes:

one of my least favourite things about tumblr is that there are people who complain about people who write social criticism. they say, “instead of complaining about it on tumblr, why don’t you go out and change it?”

i’m sorry, i wasn’t aware that one couldn’t blog about frustrations that they have about the world and work to change them at the same time. believe it or not, i’m not on tumblr all the time. i do have an internship where i work to show more diversity in the media. and blogging is activism, don’t fucking tell me it isn’t. many of the opinions i have today about social justice were first and foremost formed by blogs. i know that these people have an influence because they have had an influence on me. and fuck you for policing how i express myself and my frustrations, too.

it doesn’t even make sense to tell someone to change something without discussing it first. if you don’t discuss it first, if you don’t explain to people why it’s wrong and what could be done about it, how would you know how to go about fixing it? half the time people don’t realize there is a problem. writing it down, speaking it? those are the first steps.

you can’t fix a problem until you acknowledge it’s there.

i wonder if anyone ever said that about historians. they write down history all the time. we have to keep a record of our times if we want to know where we want to go and where we came from.

With that in mind, let me offer a list of places where those discussions are happening. I've was on a reading break from classes when I found that post; here's some of what I was reading.




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